Landing page

Landing pages are the main tool in Internet marketing. A properly designed page gives you a huge increase in the number of clients.

We will develop a unique landing page for you, taking into account all modern technologies.



A modern online store should provide the client a huge range of products with a fast response of the site and convenient order processing functionality.

This is the store our studio is ready to develop for you as soon as possible


Corporate website

A corporate website is the face of your company, so it should be developed to the maximum enjoyable user and display all the basic information about the company.

We will prepare for you a unique corporate style in conjunction with which the site will show all your best sides.


CRM development

Customer Relationship Management is a universal solution for managing your business.

By ordering CRM from us, you will have the opportunity to fully manage clients, have full accountability for the company's work and conduct all internal policies on one site.



It's no secret that the speed of the display of the site affects the client's first impression of the company, since to wait until the browser loads the site entirely is sometimes very annoying. This is why we use deferred or asynchronous downloads, optimize the size of the code and images, and also cache files to get the maximum possible score in the PageSpeed Insights service.

Our web development services framework

  • Requirements analysis

    WEBCODER.NAME specialists collect business project requirements: the main target of the project, what the product does, who and how will use it. As a result, the Software Requirement Specification is created.

  • Design

    At this web development stage, our experts specify software, hardware and system requirements, define the overall system architecture and what DB should be used. Sketches, mockups, wireframes are created here to visualize the product.

  • Development

    This is the main part of the project from the development point of view. This stage includes actual coding and unit-testing performed by the web development team. For big projects, our business managers divide the development process into several release parts, in order to show the client what has been done progressively. The finished product goes to Testing.

  • Testing

    WEBCODER QA Engineers test the product in order to check if it works as expected according to the predefined requirements. It can be performed manually or through the automated testing. Our specialists perform testing at all levels: Unit, Integration, System, Release and Acceptance Testing. Additionally, we divide it into Functional, Non-functional and Change-related.

  • Deployment

    At this stage of web development, the product is given to the customer with the whole package of documentation including system description and user’s manual.

  • Maintenance

    WEBCODER.NAME web development specialists handle change requests from users or clients of the developed product. This is one of the ways to add functionality enhancements, delete obsolete elements and optimize the system.

Art Pact on Mobile Devices Layer 1 Art Pact on Mobile Devices Layer 2 Art Pact on Mobile Devices Layer 3

Specialists of our studio develop projects strictly from the company's procurement, without using any ready-made CMS, which gives the final product full flexibility. After determining the functional requirements for the project, our developers begin to stage-by-stage development, starting with the coding of the functional, continuing with the layout and full adaptation of the site. During layout, all available standards of search optimization, decreasing the speed of page loading and increasing usability of the site are taken into account. Testing the system we emulate as normal work with the site, and the most stupid possible variants of the user's behavior for a full performance check. Make an order in our studio and you can be sure that the desired product will get completely ready and within the announced terms.

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